Software Engineer

I'm an iOS Developer with several years of experience working on large corporate and personal applications. My highest priorities are to make data driven decisions, write elegant & maintainable code, create user friendly interfaces, and deliver stunning applications that improve a persons life

I'm a lifelong learner who's constantly trying to sharpen his skills. I'm constantly looking for new challenges to work on and to continually expand my knowledge in software engineering.

Hello world, I'm a mobile and web developer

> Adam.origin => "Saint Paul, Minnesota" > => "'" > Adam.skills => [ "Swift", "Objective-C", "iOS", "Ruby on Rails", "Python", "Javascript", "Kotlin", "SQL", "React" ] > Adam.profile => LinkedIn > Adam.resume => Resume > Adam.coding => GitHub > => { "company": "One Tap Away", "position": "Software Engineer" } > => [
{ "company": "When I Work", "position": "Growth Engineering Manager","duration": "1 year, 4 months"},
{ "company": "When I Work", "position": "Senior iOS Engineer","duration": "2 years, 2 months"}
Work Experience

One Tap Away

Software Engineer
02.2020 - Present Minneapolis
  • Software Engineer at an early stage startup
  • Building out Mobile App Architecture for amenities platform
  • Piping all mobile data to SumoLogic and AWS S3 to make data driven decisions
  • Utilized Vision Kit to parse package labels to determine intended resident
  • Added Deep Link support to Android and iOS to allow NFC tags to automatically open lockers
  • Built Android application for accepting payments via Adyen P400 to start internet connected washers & dryers
Swift Kotlin SumoLogic NodeJS AWS Java


Mobile (iOS/Android) Engineer
07.2020 - Present Minneapolis
  • Mobile Engineer for both Flagship Android and iOS Applications
  • Converted both Android and iOS mobile payments from Heartland to Stripe
  • Implemented new Location confirmation for a faster onboarding experience
  • Fixed critical bugs on Android that allowed multi selection when ordering food
Swift Kotlin Stripe

When I Work

Engineering Manager
10.2018 - 02.2020 Minneapolis
  • Led team of six engineers in the Growth and Marketing teams
  • Orchestrated experiment cycles to drive our healthy revenue metric
  • Collaborated with Data team to analyze experiment and user data
  • Managed relationship and architecture of 3rd party testing framework, Launch Darkly
Python Cauldron Notebook PrestoDB Docker AWS

When I Work

Senior iOS Engineer
09.2016 - 10.2018 Minneapolis
  • Built enum driven dynamic form builder for time off feature
  • Executed mobile experiments in onboarding flow with LaunchDarkly
  • Created new app architecture with M.V.VM and KVO in Swift 4
  • Collaborated with lead designer to build employee tasks feature
  • Participated in hackathon to incorporate CoreML to parse images
Swift Objective-C Autolayout RxSwift CoreML CoreData


Senior iOS Engineer
12.2014 - 09.2016 Minneapolis
  • Architected getting started experience with state restoration in Swift
  • Rewrote Today Extension to use UICollectionView in one day
  • Laid the foundation for Localization and added XCTests to ensure keys were used
  • Added third party VideoKit library and created video player for in-home camera
  • Phased in NSNetServiceBrowser for Bonjour at home low latency detection
Swift Objective-C Autolayout ReactiveCocoa VideoKit

Thomson Reuters

Senior Software Engineer
07.2013 - 12.2014 Eagan
  • iOS developer on corporate agile team for WestlawNext and Convene
  • Added NSFetchedResultsController for attendee & event schedule features
  • Used UIStoryboards to design UIViewControllers with Autolayout for iPhone & iPad
  • Worked with mogenerator to create model classes with accompanying XCTests
Objective-C CoreData XCTest Transitioning API


Lead Developer
09.2013 - Present Minneapolis

Responsbile for engineering and designing BlueVsRed, FindWord, and Do3 iOS applications.

RxSwift CoreData UserDefaults Realm UIStoryboard


01.2016 - Present Minneapolis

Responsible for coordinating & presenting at the local twin cities meetup group SwiftMN.

  • Designed SwiftMN logo in Photoshop
  • Gave talk on Protocol Oriented Testing (P.O.T)
  • Collaborated on Persistence Adaptive Layer talk by implemeting a Realm persistence layer
  • Demonstrated how to use Natalie for Storyboard Enums
  • Presented on new Drag and Drop API
  • Gave talk on utilizing generics in data sources
Photoshop RxSwift Protocol Oriented Programming Realm UIStoryboard

Old Growth Games

05.2019 - Present Minneapolis

Co-Founder of Old Growth Games LLC. We focus on building mobile games for iOS platform.

  • Built GameCenter manager to handle sending/receiving data from GameCenter
  • Designed & Built Card Selection screen.
  • Added taunting feature to send messages during gameplay
Autolayout Swift 5 Protocol Oriented Programming GameCenter UIStoryboard
Fun + Work

FindWord is a word searching application that allows you to perform special searches to quickly get the results you want. FindWord stores frequent searches and allows you to save common searches. Great for games such as Words With Friends, Scramble, Letterpress, and Hanging With Friends

Cards Against Humanity Card Tester is a web application that allows a user to search against all cards from Cards Against Humanity Game. Allows the User to test out building new Black playing cards or test out that own humor against all White playing cards.